ANDREA YOUNG is a composer-performer specializing in experimental voice and live electronics. In her work, she uses an amplified, processed and resynthesized voice, in all its combinations and permutations, as well as a repurposed, sound-controlling voice enabled through feature extraction. While her work relies on digital innovation, her musical output relies on the integration of her digital voice interface with analogue and re-purposed electronic media.

She has been performing internationally in her duo YOUNG/DAY at Espace Senghor, Belgium, at The Emily Harvey Foundation in New York, with Shackle for SASSAS in Los Angeles, at Splendor in Amsterdam, and at the Ex Stock Exchange for ICMC 2014, Athens. As a soloist she has performed original works at Gallerie Sans Nom for the LeHum new music series in Moncton, New Brunswick, premiering composer Daniel Brandes' through the window and the wood at Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, and performing at La Sala Rosa during Innovations en Concert in Montreal. Her research of vocal feature extraction and implementation of the voice as a live electronics interface has been published in The Leonardo Music Journal #24. On behalf of The Canada Council for the Arts, Andrea will be residing in Berlin during the Fall of 2014 to complete a series of compositions based on voice resynthesis techniques, and studying digital synthesis and analysis techniques with Pete Johnston in London, UK.

Commissions and performances have involved Quatuor Bozzini, Ensemble Laude, Ensemble Sisyphe, Série Musique Expérimentale, Innovations en Concert, The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and The Tomorrow Collective. Andrea has premiered new works in Los Angeles, Vancouver, at the Casino Baumgarten in Vienna, Austria, Het Muziekgebouw aan ‘T IJ in Amsterdam, Netherlands, ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, and REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theatre), Los Angles. In 2008, Andrea began the VOICE/wire series: a collection of new works for voice and electronics which feature her own compositions alongside the works of composers such as Agostino di Scipio (IT), Hector Bravo Benard (NL/MX), and André Cormier (CA). This collection also included historical works for voice and tape such as Luigi Nono's La Fabricca Illuminata and was performed in Victoria, Vancouver and Montreal, Canada. Her work has been enabled by several awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, and The Herb Alpert School of Music between 2008 and 2014.

Studies in Vocal Performance and Composition at The University of Victoria, 2001, focused on twentieth century vocal repertoire and compositional practices. A Masters Degree of Music in Sonology from The Royal Conservatory, Netherlands, in 2007, culminated with a thesis on rhythm in electronic music. She completed a DMA from The California Institute of the Arts in May 2014 where the focus of her research and composition centred on vocal feature extraction and voice-controlled live electronics.



3D Additivist Manifesto: sound design for Daniel Rourke and Morehshin Allahyari's open call for the creation of The 3D Additivist Cookbook

"Current debate rages around the naming of The Anthropocene, the evolution of intelligent machines, and the contradictions inherent in material critiques of our technocapitalist civilisation.The 3D Printer is a metaphor for these weirdest of times: a technology with the capacity to channel creative endeavour through digital processes into the reformation of raw matter. We propose #Additivism as a new movement in technological and artistic activism that contends with these concerns.

The 3D Additivist Manifesto + Cookbook is a project that blurs the boundaries between art, engineering, science fiction, and digital aesthetics. The Manifesto is produced by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke in a form of a text and a video with sound design by Andrea Young. It calls for you - artists, activists, designers, scientists, and critical engineers - to accelerate the 3D printer and other Additivist technologies to their absolute limits and beyond into the realm of the speculative, the provocative and the weird." More Info or Answer the Call!

REDCAT, Los Angeles

February 8, 2015

A Day with Jani Christou

Performance of Six Songs on Poems by T.S. Eliot with pianist Vicki Ray

Canada Council for the Arts: Composition and Research

Compositional studies and experiments found within the voice resynthesis process and technical documentation of Pete Johnston's synthesis techniques.

Developmental period for the creation of "The Voice-Index" and "Continuum" series.

Berlin/London, Fall 2014


Leonardo Music Jounal #24

In November, 2014, my article The Voice-Index and Digital Voice Interface was published in The Leonardo Music Journal Volume #24. 

See the website:

ABSTRACT: The concept of a voice-index is discussed as a means of creating a live digital voice. Vocal feature extraction employs the voice as a live electronic interface, referenced in the author’s performative work. More info on other publications...

Kyma International Sound Symposium

EXO/ENDO [chant smash] - watch the video

Musikhochschule, Lübeck, Germany

Sept.25-28 2014



        Amsterdam, Netherlands 

           Sept.21 2014

           YOUNG/DAY + Shackle


Athens, Greece 

Sept.19 2014


Ex Stock Exchange

International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)

Athens, Greece

Sept.16 2014

EXO/ENDO voice-infused noise machines 

May 11 2014, The Lund, CalArts

DMA Final composition and performance - see more

Andrea Young – with Michael Day, Braden Diotte, Derek Stein, Sara Sinclair, Sharon Kim, Kirsten Hovland and Emery Martin




Post-Mortem Consent

Ensemble IED premieres an evening of vintage abstract noise blues.

Preserving the genuine expression of a selection of 1930's Blues songs, the ensemble creates a cadavre exquis of radical interpretation in a modern style; a cobweb of song mixed with shards of text, crossfading into aggressive noise machines that pound with a rhythmic pulse.